Target Now Hiring-200 Positions Available

So far more than 2700 people have applied for 200 positions at Fresno's newest target store.{} More than four hours after the Target job fair opened Saturday morning in northwest Fresno there was still a long line. {}

People in charge say they went through 1-thousand applications and they had to make another 750 copies. {} More than a thousand people signed up online. {} Ansley Snitkin has been looking for work since last May after moving here from Texas.{}{} "Basically just keep putting yourself out there. {} You kind of feel like you're selling yourself after awhile. {} Keep up the motivation is the hardest part to stay positive because you know there are jobs out there."

The new Target store is coming soon to Market Place at El Paseo in northwest Fresno. {} Curt Cappello is the store's team leader.{}{}"We are always looking for people who are fast, fun and friendly. {} Have a passion for guest service and someone who wants to support the target brand."

Cappello says he and his team will be reviewing applications over the next two weeks, but job interviews begin on Sunday.{}{}{}

Target's job fair continues Sunday at Rio Vista Middle School, 6240 W. Palo Alto in Fresno. You can drop by to fill out an application from{}9:00 a.m.{}until 5:00 p.m.