Surviving A Stabbing - Self-Defense Class Teaches Life Saving Skills

According to self-defense instructors getting attacked with a knife can be more deadly than being shot. During a self-defense class Friday night in Fresno people learned how to protect themselves during a stabbing.

Self- defense instructor Evert Pepper says the number one thing you can do to defend yourself is to get away from your attacker.

"If you see the knife run in the opposite direction, distance is your friend when it comes to a knife," says Pepper.

He says while running away you should be aware of what's going on around you.

"It's common sense and most people don't have common sense when it comes to high stress situations," adds Pepper.

Another defense tactic is to hit, kick or punch the person with the knife.

"Basically, fight and the only way to calm yourself down is to get away from the attack," says the self-defense instructor.

Pepper says don't forget to protect your chest and lower abdomen, and try not to let stress make the situation worse.

So what makes a knife so dangerous compared with other weapons?

It's quiet, anyone can get one, it never needs to be reloaded and it can go through a bullet proof vest.

According to the FBI six out of ten people die after being shot. The FBI adds eight out of ten people die from stabbings.