SUV Plows Into Office, 7 People Rushed To Hospital

Right now, at least seven people are recovering from injuries after anS.U.V. slammed into a crowded office building in northwest Fresno.It happened near Shaw & Forkner Monday afternoon...Police say one of the people hit has a possible broken leg, and another a broken arm.Frank Lougher witnessed the accident.Lougher says, "I saw this vehicle with an elderly woman, a Lexus and it just slammed through the front entrance. Luckily one of the poles stopped it. There was a woman sitting at the desk and the desk got pushed onto her and she hurt her leg."Witnesses say the driver of the S.U.V.. appears to have hit the gas instead of the break, when she went up the curb, slammed into a concrete trash can and right into the office.Lougher says, "Look at that trash can it's chained and moved to the front. So I don't know how she got up that much speed to go through the entrance. It's amazing no one got killed sitting in the waiting area and in the reception desk."Fresno Police Sgt. Gary Beer says, "There is possibility that she could have traveled deeper into the building. We could have had a large catastrophe here."Police say officers may order that the woman have her driving skills reevaluated before she allowed behind the wheel again.