SUV Plows Into Fresno Building: Workers Never Saw It Coming

Most cars that wind up inside businesses usually come through the front door.{} But Wednesday's{}drive-thru was different and employees at a{}Fresno business never saw it coming.

A woman in her 30's was driving north on Weber late Wednesday morning.{} For reasons unknown she made a hard right turn and plowed thru the back of the building.{} Dustin Whipple says there was no warning for employees at Whipple Superchargers in northwest Fresno.{}"They just heard a screech and then a loud bang and that was it. {} They all jumped out of the way luckily."

The woman driver was trapped in her SUV. {} Firefighters and paramedics finally got her out using the jaws of life.{} She suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital to be checked out by a medical team.

Phil works nearby and saw the car go by.{}{}"We didn't think that she ran into anything. {} We looked down the street and we didn't see her. {} We didn't know what was going on."

Inside the office of Whipple Superchargers you could see dust and debris went flying everywhere.{} The long time Fresno business manufacturers a mechanical device that gives engines more power.

Whipple Superchargers has been in business in Fresno for 24 years. {} Now that there's a big hold in the wall, Dustin Whipple says{}major changes are in store.{} "Not sure. {} Probably tear it down and build something new here."

The Fresno Fire Department brought in a team to stabilize the building until decisions are made on whether to re-build or tear it down. {}{}

Fresno Police officers estimate the woman was going 37 miles an hour when she hit the office building.