SUV Flips Trapping Driver And Nobody Notices

{}{}{}{} A valley woman is recovering after being trapped in her overturned car for nearly three hours Thursday.

{}{}{}{}{}When they arrived{}at the transition road from southbound Highway 99 to the east bound Highway 180{}about 7:00AM Thursday morning, CHP Officers found{}an overturned car, between some trees, about 100-feet down the embankment.

{}{}{}{} Inside that car, the trapped driver who had already been there since 4:00AM.

{}{}{}{} The driver says when she lost control and flipped her car, apparently nobody else noticed.

{}{}{}{} "She was just sitting there and trapped for quite a long time," said California Highway Patrol Officer Vance Wedeking. {}"The good news is that she seems alert and orientated when we were talking to her."

{}{}{}{} Officers were able to pull the woman out.

{}{}{}{} She was taken to the hospital for treatment.

{}{}{}{} Traffic was backed up for about an hour until the scene could be cleared.

{}{}{}{} The wet weather may have played a part in this accident.

{}{}{}{} With more scattered showers possible in the next few days CHP officers say, be sure to take it slow.