Suspected Teen Burglar Escapes From Officer At Fresno Hospital

17-year-old Raymond Robinson of Fresno is still on the run.Fresno police are searching for Robinson after he was arrested suspected of burglary.However the teen managed to escape when he was being moved from the hospital to jail.Police say the teen is accused of breaking into a home in northeast Fresno.When police arrived the suspected burglar took off and was chased by an officer.The chase lasted more than a quarter of a mile, that's about the length of two football fields.The teen was quick, but not as fast as Fresno Police Officer Lee Harris.Harris is a former fresco State football standout and Kansas City Chiefs N.F.L. football player.However, Harris was not the officer the teen escaped from.Police say the teen managed to give another officer the slip and jump into a green 4-door Lexus at the hospital and he's still on the loose.Anyone with information on Robinson's whereabouts is urged to call the Fresno Police Department.