Suspected Mail Thief Caught on Camera

Take a good look.

These pictures are off the surveillance video from Vern Simmon's northwest Fresno home.

You can see the guy walking up to Simmon's house.

He spots his security camera, pulls it down and yanks it off the wall.

"Obviously he is not that smart because those cameras are hooked up to a recorder."

Even though he's got the guy's face, Simmon's says he's still angry because the crook got away with his mail.

Simmon's was out of town for two weeks and had everything from bank statements to w-2's in his mailbox.

"I called the bank and this guy actually intercepted my brand new debit card, activated it and went on a shopping spree."

Simmons found 150 unauthorized charges on his account - he says worth thousands.

"It pisses me off; believe me{}I want to catch the guy."

What's worse? Simmons says the guy has been back.

"He has been back at least four times. The mail box is wide open and the lock is just bent off."

To warn people in the area, Simmons put up these posters with the guys face and description on the Fig Garden neighborhood watch.

Suddenly the picture started looking familiar to neighbors.

"He at one time was up on our porch."

Joe, who prefers we not use his last name, believes he's seen the same guy walking around the neighborhood, even on his property.

"The whole neighborhood is worried about this; I'm hoping we can get some police presence in the neighborhood...driving around once in a while."

Simmons filed a complaint with police back in January.

He says he is still waiting to work with them in hopes of catching this guy.

If you think you might know who the man is, you should call Fresno Police at{}559-621-7000.