Suspected Car Thief With Poor Driving Skills Slams Into Cars At Fresno Dealership

A would-be car thief's plan was foiled Tuesday when he proved to have less than stellar driving skills.

Employees at Jim Enterprises Clearance Outlet said the man damaged six cars while trying to rip one off.

"He just ended up not being the best driver you know," said Rafael Serna, the lead salesman at Jim Enterprises. "He got in one car, tried to steal it and then ended up hitting about six cars."

An SUV on top of an Acura, a BMW dented and scraped and three other cars with lots of damage are what the thief left behind at the dealership. Serna says it's all because the guy couldn't drive off the lot.

"He reversed and the ramps went forward," Serna said. "He backed up, hit two cars and tried to go forward, but hit a Honda and hit a [Dodge] Charger."

Serna says the man then drove under the rack with the SUV. However, Serna said he had a hunch the man hanging around the Fresno car lot Monday afternoon should not have been there in the first place.

"He didn't look like a bum or like a homeless person," says Serna, "He was very well clean and clean cut."

But when the alarm started to go off in the office Serna and other employees figured whoever tried to break in ran away.

"Later on throughout the day, we figured out there were two keys missing to our vehicles. We didn't think anything of it," Serna said.

The next thing he heard were screeching wheels and the sound of a crash. He saw the man run and Serna says he ran after him.

"He just ran off," Serna said. "I tried to chase him on foot for about a quarter of a mile and I just gave up."

Serna says removing the SUV off the rack destroyed the vehicle and the Acura that was wedged underneath it. The salesman adds even though the dealership has insurance, it's still out thousands of dollars.