Super Typhoon Haiyan Has Killed More Than 100 People In Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan is making its way out of the Philippines, but it has left behind a lot of destruction. More than a hundred people are dead and reports say there are bodies lying in the streets. At least another hundred people are injured and more than 800,000 people have been evacuated.

As the storm slammed into the Philippines cell phone and internet service was down. Both are back up and people with loved one in the Philippines are starting to hear about the destruction.

"It's pretty devastating stuff. What we're hearing is entire downtown areas of major villages and centers of different regions are totally devastated," says Russell Raypon who has family in the Philippines.

Raypon says his family is telling him the Central Philippines have been hit the hardest.

After the wind and huge waves died down cars are piled on top of each other, flood water is 40 to 50 feet deep in some places and there are reports of bodies lying in the street.

"You feel for them, it's great devastation," says Fely Guzman who has family and friends in the Philippines.

While the news is grim both Guzman and Raypon say they expect it to get a lot worse. Rescue workers are having a hard time getting to some areas.

"The rural areas are along the shore," says Raypon, "With the wind and the wave surges they can get pretty decimated."

However, Raypon and Guzman say the Philippines will get through the storm.

"Most people in the Philippines are resilient and very religious, so they know they can overcome it," adds Guzman.

The storm has lost its super storm status, but meteorologists say it will regain strength and then hit Vietnam this weekend.