Stupid Crook: Chowchilla Tire Store Security Camera Catches Him

A not{} so bright crook breaks into the cash drawer at a Chowchilla Tire Shop during business hours.{}But the thief made one major mistake. He looked directly into the surveillance camera.

The manager of{}TF Tire and Service in Chowchilla Danny Tribble is hoping you can help him catch a crook.{} Tuesday afternoon about 2:30{}a man wearing a sport coat dropped by the tire shop office and began talking to an employee.{} But Tribble says he was actually sizing up the place.{} "Come back in with a tool and pried open my cash drawer."

The security camera caught him breaking into the cash drawer.{} That's because when he changed the position of the camera he didn't go high enough.

The tire store in Chowchilla has been hit three times in the last 2 and a half years.{}{}{}Tribble says enough is enough.{} They're offering a $500 reward{}hoping{}someone will come forward.{}

TF{}Tire and Service in Chowchilla is one of 12 tire stores in the chain that stretches across Central California.{} Dave Schlaepfer says the company wants this guy caught.{}"As a business we take a stand very strongly against this and any type of theft we should go after and prosecute it."

No one at the Chowchilla store recognized the thief.{} The store manager is hoping one of our viewers has seen him before and will contact police.{}{}If you have any information you should call Chowchilla Police at (559) 665-8600.