Student Tied To Classroom Chair; Teacher Accused

Rosanna Salinas discusses the discipline practice used on her nephew at Bakman Elementary

A parent is taking a Fresno Unified School teachers' discipline policy to task. It's an unthinkable punishment; tying a student to a chair with yarn.

But Rosanna Salinas says it happened to her nephew at Bakman Elementary on four consecutive days.

Salinas got a call last Friday from her nephew's teacher.{}

The teacher admitted she tied him to a chair because he wouldn't remain in his seat.

"She was so nonchalant about it like it was a joke.{} At least I let him go to the bathroom.{} I told the teacher you treated him like an animal," Salinas says.

Salinas is the legal guardian of her nephew.{} She says he is embarrassed, but Salinas is outraged.

"Sometimes he would go to recess and she would say, 'Oh, I forgot.{} I got to tie you up,'" She said. "He, at one point, had to tell her to let it go a little bit because it was too tight for him."

Salinas says after learning of the incident, she demanded a meeting with Bakman's principal and Fresno Unified's area superintendent.

"It was almost everyone was in the state of shock.{} It was almost unheard of.{} All I got was 'I've never experienced this," She said. "I don't know what to say.{} I'm sorry.'{} But that doesn't cover the fact that my nephew was humiliated in front of his whole class."

Rosanna Salinas also called Fresno police and an officer took a report.

Meanwhile, Fresno Unified had this response to the allegations:

"Fresno Unified School District places the highest priority on the safety of our students and staff. The district's human resource department has a robust process in place regarding teacher and/or student allegations. While you can be assured that all matters of safety are taken extremely seriously, personnel matters and the outcome of the investigations, due to privacy laws, cannot be shared with the public."

Rosanna Salinas wants the 5th-grade teacher reassigned but because of privacy laws, we may never know the outcome of the investigation.

Bakman's principal asked the 5th grader to write a letter describing what happened in the classroom last week.

He finished the assignment and turned it in.

The district also offered counseling and the boy has since changed classrooms.