Strong Wind, Dust Storms And Dangerous Driving Conditions

The wind kicked up a ton of dust all over the Central Valley Monday afternoon, including along Highway 152 near Los Banos.

The strong wind picked up the top soil from several empty fields, blowing dust across the highway making it nearly impossible to see nearby cars.

Despite his 17 years experience, truck driver Robert Moore said he and his 25,000-pound load decided to stop and rest for the night.

"It can be dangerous. Trucks have been known to flip over," Moore said.

Others heading home also had to deal with the wind and its effect.

Jenny Baldon said wind gusts knocked a branch off of a tree and it landed on her sister's car.

"It's fierce wind that's out there right now," Baldon said.

Elena Broslovsky said, "There was some dust storms, we did go through some dust, we closed our windows and made it."

By Tuesday afternoon, the wind is expected to subside, just in time for warmer temperatures.