Storm Brings Lots of Rain, Plus Outages & Car Accidents

The fast moving storm that hit the valley Wednesday night left its mark on the valley.

Police reported an unusual number of vehicle accidents, mainly from drivers traveling too fast.

Hundreds of PG&E customers lost power through out the night. PG&E officials say months of dust accumulating on power lines caused wires to arch and blew out a number of transformers.

All the rain took its toll on driver's visibility on streets and highways.

In northwest Fresno, fire and police stopped traffic near Pleasant Avenue and West Shields after people who live in the area told KMPH Fox 26 crews lighting struck one of the power poles.

Anna Ruiz says, "We looked out the window and saw a flash on one tree. We then saw another flash on the other tree. It was lighting that hit them we saw a bolt of lighting."

Eddie Ruiz says, "We saw the second flash over there. It was scary and it was loud."

With in minutes, PG&E crews arrived to cut power to the line and begin one of the many repairs for the night.