Stray Dogs Attack & Kill Livestock At Selma High Farm

A high school program aimed at teaching students how to become successful in the Ag industry, took a major hit. This past week, livestock belonging to Selma High's FFA program were attacked by a pack of dogs. Selma Ag teacher Roy Swift says, "We've had several in the last couple of years, stray dog attacks. Sheep are on their first pray." This past week, a lamb was spooked so bad by a pack of dogs it ran into the fence breaking its neck. This marks the third major attack by roaming dogs. KMPH FOX 26 News brought you the story several years ago, when a pack of dogs dug their way into pins killing lambs and severely hurting other livestock. As a result Swift says the program has lost thousands of dollars through the years, not to mention the education lost for the students. Swift says he needs the public's help. Swift says, "Selma does have a leash law. Please don't turn your dogs out at night. They pack up and become very brave at night." Swift says his students have put a lot of work and their personal money into raising these animals for the auction. Animal control officers are aware of the attacks and are doing their best to pick up stray dogs off the streets. The Selma High FFA program is willing to accept donations of fencing and other agriculture items so they can use to keep their livestock safe. Anyone who'd like to donate can contact the Selma Unified School District.