Stranded in the Snow! Tourists Rescued

Three people from Bakersfield on a day trip to the snow learned a tough lesson after they were stranded in the Sierra.

The trio got up the mountain just fine, but on their way down a few miles from china peak, without chains, they lost control and slide off the road.

Jordan Hammons says, "Just it lost speed and just veered off to the right into the snow. We couldn't get out of the thick snow. It's a blizzard out there."

Thankfully, one of their cell phones barely got a signal, enough to call 9-1-1.

With in a few hours emergency crews with a tow truck arrived.

Tow truck drivers say it's a situation that happens far too often, and could have deadly consequences.

If you do plan to head to the snow, even for a quick day trip always carry chains.

Police say it's a good idea to have supplies in the car like food, water, and carry extra blankets and flares.

Anything to help flag down someone incase you get stuck and are forced to spend the night in your car.