Stolen Motorcycle Recovered After Nearly 50 Years

A Triumph motorcycle stolen nearly 50 years ago has been recovered and is heading back to the original owner.Reporter Melina Matthes from KMPH News sister station KPTM tells us how it happened.The vintage motorcycle was about to ship from California to Japan but U.S. Customs officers traced it back to Donald DeVault of Omaha.DeVault says he has owned dozens of motorcycles over the years, but his favorite was the triumph, stolen when he was just 26-years-old. "I'm still overwhelmed and I'm still in shock. All I can do is think of when I first sit on it. All of the memories that I'll be thinking and I'll be thinking, 'Where have you been?'" said DeVault.Since the bike was stolen, DeVault has been married, has had children and also sold and bought nearly 50 other motorcycles. DeVault says he owned the Triumph less than two years before it was taken.{} He bought it for $300 and it's worth $9,000 now, but DeVault doesn't plan on selling the bike. "It isn't like you're going out and buying something; I'm just getting something back that was mine, back then," said DeVault.DeVault expects to get his 1953 Triumph back in about two weeks. He has two other motorcycles in the garage, but he plans to keep the Triumph in his house.DeVault says he was so surprised when the investigator from Los Angeles called him that he actually thought it was a scam. It wasn't until an Omaha police detective contacted him that he realized he was actually getting his motorcycle back.