Stolen $6,000 Bicycle Returned, Man Caught On Camera Arrested

The owner of 'Fulton Cycle Works' in downtown Fresno is excited to find one of the two bikes ripped off from his store earlier in the week.

Store owner Darren Johnson says, "There are some bumper stickers covering up the Bianchi logo. The crooks even used some kind of paint to cover up the larger logos."

The $6,000 state of the art demo Bianchi bike from Italy was stolen early Wednesday morning from Fulton Cycle Works.

The break-in and theft was caught on security cameras.

Johnson says, "He beat it up good. He tore the serial number off the bottom that may make it unusable I'm not sure, it looks like he did some off road with it."

Bike shop customer, Jamie Chepernich spotted the stolen bike in the neighborhood. Chepernich says, "I was just driving down Divisadero from my work to home and I had heard the story already that the bike was stolen and saw it out of the corner of my eye."

Ironically, the guy riding the stolen bike was riding it only about a block away from the store.

Johnson says, "I got the call, and I didn't even slow down to lock the store I just ran out the front and screamed at the property manager to watch the store."

Chepernich says, "Darren was there in 30 seconds, and he identified it."

Johnson says, "We basically boxed him in, asked for the bike back and he reluctantly gave it up and he tried to take off, and we just followed him and were on the phone with the cops the whole time"

Chepernich says, "At some point he started running, but we are cyclists come on. We have enough lung power to keep up with him. That was not a problem. So he just walked and ended up getting him down by the railroad tacks."

Police arrested the man and Johnson got the bike back.

Johnson says, "There is a special place in hell for bike thieves that what we like to say."

The other bike , worth some $2,000, is still missing.

Now Johnson plans to keep the expensive bike at home. He already installed more security cameras to protect his investments.