Steers In The Spotlight At Chowchilla Stampede

Chowchilla is one of only three communities in the country where yearly cattle drives still exist.{}{}

First there's the beauty of the Western Stampede, featuring the queen and her court.{} They're followed by the beasts as roughly one hundred head of cattle, hoof it down Robertson Boulevard.

Cowboys and cowgirls in training paraded in just before show time. {} A first time stampede viewer from Merced Jeanette Carey was in place super early.{}{}"We got here by 8:30 and then we thought we missed it and it was another day, but it's really worth it. {} This was great. {} I love it."

The seasoned veterans like Soledad Rubio brought{}chairs to watch the cattle drive.{} It's an event that lasts no more than a couple of minutes.{} "I was hoping for a little more cows, cows, steers whatever you want to call them. {} But it's worth it."

The chairman of the Western Stampede Shane Barnes rode tall in the saddle.{}{}"It's an experience like no other. {} I mean we are one of three towns left in the United States that still do it."

It's not a stampede without a cattle run. {} Now the real competition begins at the fairgrounds. This weekend these steers will be giving roping teams a real workout.{} More than one hundred teams will be competing for cash prizes.{}