Spending Tax Dollars On Booze And Strippers

(Mikayla Lewis, KMPH News partner WZTV)Tax dollars being spent on booze and exotic dancers.Tennessee lawmakers passed a law to stop that after discovering some people were using their government assistance money for more than necessities.EBT cards are provided for people to us on items like groceries and are funding by tax payer dollars so it's frustrating to find out some people are misusing them.Tennessee lawmakers are now trying to do something about it with a new law that prohibits any person or business from accepting EBT cards on goods in liquor stores, casinos, or strip clubs.A violation of the bill will result in fines up to $5,000 for the business that accept them, but not for the people attempting to use them.The Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services released a statement saying it will focus on being good stewards of taxpayer dollars and not support the misuse of benefits.The bill won't go in effect until July 2014.Lawmakers want stores with EBT card restrictions to have plenty of time to understand and be aware of the new law.