Special Task Force Hunts Probation Violators

With more and more people being released from our local jails due to overcrowding.

Fresno County probation officers have seen their caseloads increase substantially.

Officers say many of these same criminals pick up new charges after being let out of jail.

When these probationers don't check in, a task force of officers go after them.

Officer David Jimenez says, "Many of these probationers, all they need to do is contact their officer. But they don't."

KMPH News Reporter Erik Rosales rode along with officers as they arrested several violators.

Officer Ryan Sanders says, "A lot of these guys have narcotics problems and that leads to theft in the community. We try to help them put them in programs. But there is just a certain percentage that don't want help. That is why we are out here trying to get these people before they further harm the community."

Probation officers say they wouldn't have to do these sweeps if the violators would just follow the terms and conditions that the court lays out, most of the time, its just checking in.

Probation officers say the challenges just keep coming.

As the caseload continues to increase, it becomes a matter of prioritizing cases.