SPCA To End Contract With City, County Of Fresno

The Central California SPCA held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to announce that it will no longer provide animal control services for the city and county of Fresno starting October 1, 2012.

SPCA officials did not answer any questions from reporters. The following statement was posted on the SPCA's website:

"As of October 1st 2012, we will no longer provide Animal Control Services for the City and County of Fresno. Today, we have delivered notice of termination of our contract with the City and County and begin the process of transitioning animal control responsibilities. At this time we are still providing Animal Control Services. We have opted to be supportive of the City and County during this 6 month transition period and we'll continue to be here for our community as we have always been."

City of Fresno Assistant City Manager Bruce Rudd{}issued this statement regarding the SPCA's announcement:

"We regret the{}SPCA's decision, as we believe there is common ground to be found between the City, the SPCA, and the other community stakeholders.{}Over the next few weeks, we will be considering all our options to replace the services currently contracted to the{}SPCA and will bring forward recommendations to the public and to the City Council in the next few months."

The SPCA came under fire recently after it issued a contract to local rescues, forcing them to agree to about a dozen stipulations, or no longer be allowed to rescue animals from the shelter. Many local rescues did not agree with this contract and refused to sign it.

KMPH News started to look deeper into this story.

The SPCA receives about $3 million in taxpayer money each year. Other organizations that also get taxpayer funding all have meetings that are open to the public. The SPCA's meetings, however, are closed to the public and no city council members are allowed to sit on the board.

SPCA Board President John Brechmann says the $3 million they get from the city and county isn't taxpayer money.

At a city council meeting last week, council members expressed their concern with the SPCA closing its meetings to the public.

You can read more about the SPCA's decision on its website:

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