SPCA Terminates Contract With Fresno City & County

After months of ongoing meetings, the Central California SPCA announced its contract with the city and county of Fresno will end as scheduled on Oct. 1, 2012.

CCSPCA Executive Director Linda Van Kirk says the city and county have a different vision for the future of animal control.

One major issue she said plans by Fresno city and county officials to change the ordinance: not to pick up any stray animals.

Linda Van Kirk says, "I was preparing a budget to go through a 3 month period contract until December 31st. But it really didn't go much further once the board learned the direction the city and county wanted to take."

But those on the city and animal control task force say there were never any decisions made not to take in any strays, only discussions to limit the number of strays picked up.

So what's next for the city and county?

Fresno Assistant City Manager Bruce Rudd says, "As of three or four hours ago, I thought we were moving forward to really come together as a community; that opportunity I think is lost now."

Only one bid was made, a group made up of a Clovis veterinarian and others.

The city will now have to work with other stakeholders until a new shelter is built.

But Fresno's Assistant City Manager says the Clovis group's proposal requires nearly 4.3 million dollars from the city in the first year to help build a new facility.

So Bruce Rudd says the Clovis group and the city will have to talk and maybe be forced to build a smaller facility.