Valley Dairy Farmers Recruited By South Dakota Governor

Sick of living in California?

Have you ever considered moving to South Dakota?

Governor Dennis Daugaard, is recruiting a few good dairy farmers.

He spent 3 days at the World Ag Expo in Tulare and it was his third trip.

His efforts seem to be working, in 2013, some 15,000 more head of dairy cattle have been permitted to start operating in South Dakota. He says most at from California.

Some in the industry say why not, especially when you crunch the numbers.

South Dakota's corporate income tax is zero, compared to nearly 9 percent in California.

The state's personal income tax zero, compared to 1 to 13.3 percent in California.

The state's sales and use tax is at 4 percent, compared to nearly 8 percent in California.

South Dakota's personal property tax is zero, compared to California, which is taxable.

Merced dairyman, Brian Azevedo made a trip to the Mount Rushmore state last year and says in 2014 he may move his entire operation..

Azevedo says, "I ran a lot of numbers, the feed costs and infrastructure for milk that is there. Too me it's a no brainier."

What about the water issue in California?

Is South Dakota any better?

Governor Daugaard says, "Most of the counties have more water in the aquifers than is being used. So there is able supply for dairy producers to draw from."