Something Is Spooky At Castle Air Museum

There are 55 planes at Castle Air Museum in Atwater. What separates a Boeing B-29 from the rest is some say it's haunted. It's a plane with an attitude. Maybe that's why it's called Raz'n Hell.

The war bird that dates back to World War Two has been a part of the Castle Air Museum{}since 1981. Museum CEO Joe Pruzzo says over the years employees and volunteers have witnessed paranormal experiences in around the B-29. "An image in the plexi-glass or items that have been locked in a tool box inside removed from the tool box and set out without anybody going in there."

The B-29 was recovered off a weapons range and restored in Atwater. When it first arrived at the museum military, dog tags were found in the tail gunner section. "The name Arthur was on the dog tags. I don't know the last name. So the spirit has been affectionately dubbed Arthur."

The museum brought in paranormal experts to investigate. Pruzzo says their explanation was perhaps Arthur was a flight engineer or crew chief and his spirit remains trapped in the plane.{}

Pruzzo has never had an encounter with Arthur the ghost. He says there are incidents that can't be explained, but as far as he's concerned it appears to be a friendly ghost.