Valley Soldier Surprises Son After 10 Months in Afghanistan

Ernie Barraza reunites with his son, Nathanial, after 10 months in Afghanistan.

Hurley Elementary School in Visalia was the sight of the surprise.

Mom, dad and balloons were set.

The walk to the gate was a short one, but after 10 months in Afghanistan, where a phone was the only thing that connected specialist Ernie Barraza to his son, Nathanial, it seems a heck of a lot farther.

Nathanial's mom goes to get him, while Barraza and the balloons wait. A couple of the kindergarten classmates come out, then Nathanial and the surprise reunion happens.{}

War is filled with ugliness, but the reunion was beautiful as it gets-- father, son and family reunited in safety and good health.

Barraza, of the 1072nd Army National Guard, tells{}KMPH that his service is done, and that he's home for good.