Soap, Suds, Support: Car Wash Raises Money for Man Who Needs Pacemaker

Money, food, labor - donations are pouring in, as the community comes together so a Fresno man can afford heart surgery.

We first introduced you to Dion King earlier this week - he's a working man who found himself without health insurance, and needs a new pacemaker.

Now, it looks like he can pay for it.

Family and friends of King held a car wash Saturday to raise money for his procedure.

"I cannot believe the help I'm getting, it's just one blessing after another," said King.

Three days ago, he didn't know how he was going to pay for the surgery and pacemaker.

Since KMPH aired his story on Wednesday, the community has come forward donating thousands of dollars and more.

"We've had so many people coming out to help, people donating. We've had a lot of local companies helping out, McDonald's has fed us. It's unreal," said King.

Donors who got their cars washed got something back in return.

"I donated for the car wash and I get a raffle ticket, on top of that I get a free pizza," said Donna Ferguson, one of hundreds of strangers who brought their cars and trucks to the event.

"This is a special need, it's his life on the line and we are happy to do it.{} Our car needed a wash, if it didn't, we would've come by and left a donation," said Ferguson.

"Everyone that's helped out, you're restoring faith in humanity," said King of the outpouring of support.

Family and friends will hold another car wash Sunday.