Snow In April? Valley Mountains Get Nearly A Foot

We didn't get hail or a big storm but we did get snow.

It may sound like a joke to have snow in April but, it's the reality for people in Shaver Lake, Bass Lake and Oakhurst.

For some families in Shaver Lake, it was a day to bring out the sled, make snow angels and have a snowball fight.

"My son had his 4th birthday, and just trying to get him to go to the snow. He has been praying for it all winter. And we finally get it on April fools," said Wilbert Albergottie, a Fresno resident.

The scene looked like winter in spring.

For the Albergottie family, it was the perfect excuse to skip school and head to the mountains for some fun.

"You have to go hit it, when you can. So, never feel guilt, there is no need for guilt, especially on a beautiful day. It's like therapeutic up here," said Kierstin Albergottie.

Shaver Lake isn't the only place mother nature worked her magic.

Oakhurst got so much snow, that the city declared it a snow day for some schools.

"It's a little funny, it's a little late but I am glad we got at least some snow because that means water," said Patrick Troehler.

But are the much needed flurries too late?

And can it still make a difference for the people who need it?

"No, it's been super dead. This is the most snow we have gotten all season," said Alyssa Peterson, a "Shaver Coffee & Deli" employee.

Shaver Coffee & Deli is one of the many nearby businesses who say, they've been dry all winter.

"Well it's hard for the business owners and us as co-workers...trying to get hours. Because all the hours have been cut back so it's hard on everybody," said Peterson.

The timing may not be ideal, but locals say they'll take what they can get, for now.

"April might bring a lot of showers but this might be it for us. If not, we will be back up though, definitely," said Albergottie.

According to weather reports, the snow is not likely to last for very long as the temperatures are getting warmer.