Caught on Camera: Reptiles Stolen from Discovery Center

A thief breaks into Fresno's historic Discovery Center, destroying exhibits and ripping off several snakes and lizards.

The crook hit the local landmark sometime early Thursday morning.

However, thanks to surveillance cameras, police now have a good look at the crook.

Mary Allen Wright, Executive Director of the Discovery Center says, "These are our babies, these are our pets and the kids love the lizards and the snakes."

Among the pets stolen a 7-foot red tail boa, a couple of pythons and a lizard named ZuZu, each reptile is worth hundreds of dollars.

However, Mary Allen says, "It is not about the money, the pets are part of the Discovery Center family and they bring joy to the kids.

Visitor Roger Kerns says, "It's very disheartening. The kids they do not want to see this type of thing, when they come to this type of environment. We want to give them the best that's too bad."

For years, the Discovery Center has been a place where kids can learn about the world around them.

Not even a fire in 2000 could prevent the museum from rising from the ashes.

With the public help once again, Mary Allen and others hope this too shall pass.

Everyone hopes the crook has a change of heart.

Late Thursday evening, police did find one of the lizards in a cardboard box. It was ZuZu, she is now back safe in the center.

But the search for the criminal and the other reptiles continues.

Most of the damage was confined to one room inside the museum.

Mary Allen wants the public to know they are open for business.

She hopes with the help of video, police will find the crook and she hopes the public will continue to support the center.

If you would like to donate to the Discovery Center, it's located at 1944 N Winery Ave{} Fresno, CA 93703. The number is (559) 251-5533.

Anyone with information about the crime can call CrimeStopper at 559-498-STOP and can earn up to $1,000 in reward money.