Smoke From Fire Near Mammoth Pool Is Causing Problems

The sky in and around Fresno is filled with smoke from a fire near Mammoth Pool that doubled in size Wednesday.

According to the U.S. Forest service the fire has burned 5600-acres. The fire is so hot it burned and bent a power pole. Thousands of trees have also burned and the fire continues to get bigger.

Smoke from the fire is also causing a lot of problems in communities near the fire. People that live in North Fork, Coarsegold and Oakhurst say the smoke is very thick. They also say the smoke is burning their eyes and they can't breathe.

"I was driving this morning up in Coarsegold and you couldn't see for more than 300 feet," says Madera County Sheriff John Anderson, "It's like driving in the fog."

The U.S.Forestt service is warning people that have respiratory problems to stay inside, because there is so much smoke in the air.