Small Business Saturday Profile: Hearts Delight Bistro in Downtown Clovis


It was the day to support the little guy.

Small Business Saturday kicked off to a great start in downtown Clovis, as people came out to shop and support their favorite small businesses.

The Hearts Delight Bistro served up tea, sales and one of a kind finds.

For Kathy and Sarah Storelli, tea time at the old world restaurant, is a part of their tradition.

"I like the ambiance, and all that they take care of and the detail that they do with their customers and how they treat each and every one of us special," said Kathy Storelli, a frequent customer.

All around the quaint dinning room, mothers and daughters of all generations sipped tea with a quick lunch for two.

The owner, Cora Shipley has been serving up the hearts delight of her customers for more than 21-years.

"We know a lot of our customers by name. Most of them in fact know us, they know our history, our families and that's what small businesses offer" said Shipley.

Shipley also offers one of a king shopping.

Hand crafted ornaments, delicious treats, and unique clothing hang inside the historic building.

The store shelves are stocked with exclusive finds for its exclusive clientele.

Today, on Small Business Saturday, customers didn't waste any time wrapping up the unique finds to take home.

"I think it's very important for small businesses. They need the support of the local community with friends and relatives. It's very important for us to support them and show them that we want their business to succeed," said Storelli.

Thanks to many loyal customers, The Hearts Delight Bistro is one small business that can certainly say Christmas has come early this year.

According to statistics released by American Express, an estimated 103 million Americans shopped at small business on Small Business Saturday.