Small Business Profile: Sassano's Men's Wear in Clovis

Sassano's Men's Wear has some of the most unique men's wear in the Valley.

Sassano's also has an extensive collection of all American memorabilia, including its famous Buddy Lee doll from the 1930's.

The doll is almost as old as the store itself.

Sassano's Men's Wear has been a Valley staple since 1907.

The store is stocked with crisp shirts, blue jeans, and all things needed to dress the classic, American man.

"You can get shoes here you can't find anywhere else, and they actually last longer. Often times they are not made in China, they are made in the USA," said Suzi Acree, a frequent customer.

Another great classic at Sassano's is its veteran employee, Bob Parks.

Parks{}was born and raised in Clovis; he has been working for the family business for the last 50-years.

"I do everything; I order, I stock, I wait on the customers and just anything that needs to be done, I do it," said Parks.

Aside from keeping all of the seams in place, Parks is the friendly face generations of customers know and love.

"He knows everybody in town and everybody that comes in is not a stranger anymore. He is so friendly and nice and the whole Sassano family is just wonderful," added Acree.

A large part of Park's job is helping people find their personal style, whether it be an all American cowboy hat or something a littler more quirky.

"If I'm real successful with a customer, and I get them in a very comfortable pair of jeans? They're happy and they'll come back and buy those jeans from me again" said Parks.

It is the kind of continued service that has kept Sassano's in business for so long.

Unlike its retail chain counterparts, Sassano's offers something they simply don't.

"I mean it's everything you could want. It's the old time, family service," said Acree.

Sassano's is one of the many small businesses in downtown Clovis.

Many of the businesses have been around for decades, and are responsible for hundreds of Valley jobs.

As part of the promotion on Saturday, many stores will not be charging a sales tax.