Small Business Profile: Raizana Teas In Downtown Fresno Brews Up Big Business

"Small Business Saturday" is right around the corner. KMPH Fox 26 is featuring small businesses in the Central Valley leading up to the shopping event. Wednesday we talked with the owners of "Raizana Teas" about their Downtown Fresno shop.

The tea store has been in Downtown Fresno for a few months, but it also has a thriving website and does a lot of sales on the internet. Tea that's made here in Fresno is making its way all the way to Japan.

"I've had this recipe since I was 8 years old. Most of the recipes I have I learned from my grandmother," says Sol Orozco, Owner of "Raizana Teas".

Orozco mixes herbs and brews her special recipes in the Downtown Fresno shop she co-owns with her husband.

"The original idea was to just have a production area, but then people started walking by asking if we were open for business," says Pablo Orozco.

Every single tea in the store is an original recipe, thought up by the former pastry chef.

"I used to bake cakes, so I know I'm good at mixing flavors."

The business started out as a web only one, but then the couple decided to mix it up. So, they went to the Fresno Food Expo, which led to more clients. They also stated selling their teas on Amazon and then in Japan.

They say the decision to open the store in Downtown Fresno was a no-brainer. The rent is affordable and they like the area.

"The downtown is safe, the downtown is good. It's the heart of the city and we need to better this place," adds Sol Orozco.

"Raizana Teas" is doing so well the Orozcos say that this is the first month they've turned a profit and they've also hired two people.