Sleep Deprivation Now Linked To Brain Damage

Do you ever feel like you got bonked on the head in the morning after a bad night's sleep? A new study shows not getting enough sleep could be like getting hit on the head.

Swedish researchers with Uppsala University found one night of sleep deprivation increases morning blood concentrations of certain molecules. And, according to the researchers this may be a sign of a loss of brain tissue.

Researchers say their results show a lack of sleep may cause a form of brain damage, and a good night's sleep may be critical for keeping your brain healthy. These researchers also say this points to a link to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS.{}

By the way, new rules now force airline pilots to get more sleep and spend less time in the cockpit. The new rules went into effect over the weekend.

Pilots are now limited to flying for eight to nine hours, depending on the time their shift starts. They must also get at least 30 consecutive hours of rest each week. That's a 25 - percent increase over the previous requirement.

Congress is considering a bill that would force the same rules on cargo pilots.