Ski Resorts Create Man-Made Snow, Lack Of Storms

The snow blowers continue to fabricate man made snow at local ski resort China Peak.

One month into winter and California is still experiencing one of the driest starts ever recorded and last Friday, the first Sierra snow survey confirmed the fears of state water managers, drought conditions are coming if things do not change.

China Peak Ski Resort representative, Rich Bailey says, "We are in the process of taking buckets or big baskets full of snow and dumping it, so that we can expand."

Skiers are enjoying a winter wonderland, however only on the slopes.

Crews are working around the clock on the expensive task of creating the white stuff and then trucking it to the top of the mountain.

Without a major winter storm so far this season, it still looks a lot like summer.

Even California water surveyors found mostly bare ground when they tried to measure the snowpack near South Lake Tahoe.

California Department of Water Resources Director, Mark Cowin says, "Obviously the results are not particularly encouraging. We measured water content of 2.3 inches, a depth of 9.3 inches and the water content is 20 percent of its long term average."

If it continues, skier or not we will all need to conserve.