Six-Inch Blanket Of Snow In Local Foothills

Snow isn't an unusual sight in the foothill community of Coarsegold.{}{}What is uncommon is to see such a thick blanket of white powder along the countryside.

Coarsegold residents woke up{}Wednesday to{}a fresh blanket of snow at least six inches deep.{} It was beautiful but it did cause a few problems.{} By mid day the roads were in great condition but there were problems earlier.

The Coarsegold Salon was nearly empty at noon.{} That's because too much snow forced hair stylists to take the day off.{}

Dee Curcio, a hair stylist, said a lot of people who live in the area did not make it into work because of the snow.

"One girl said before her husband could get out to go to work this morning, he had to cut three branches off the driveway,"Curcio said.

Too much{}snow caused power outages all over the mountainside.{}{}Caroline Pennington is a long time resident.{} "We didn't lose ours until during the night but in the evening it was coming down good all evening."

Three horses in{}a pasture couldn't find much to eat with all the snow on the ground.{} The best the brown one could do was nibble on a twig.

The outdoor peddlers market was no place to try and turn a profit on fishing poles or used clothing on such a chilly day.{} Mary Butterfield didn't see many customers.{} "It's been snowing a little bit here and there but nothing like this. {} We've lived here three years and we got maybe one snow like this."

It's the biggest storm Coarsegold has seen in a few years.{} Wednesday up in the foothills was a pretty but unproductive day for many.