Simple Way To Prevent Kidney Stones

While people may be used to the temperature reaching triple digits in California's Central Valley, what many don't know is that the heat can actually increase your risk for developing kidney stones.

Anyone who's had these says it's one of the worst pains they've ever had in their entire life. The sharp pain usually starts in the flank and radiates down into the groin. The pain comes and goes in waves.

Kidney stones are a build-up of oxalates and phosphates within the kidney that form a stone.

The cause of kidney stones is largely unknown. People tend to have a genetic predisposition to them and the chances of developing kidney stones is greater in the heat.

Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons that people develop more kidney stones in hotter climates.

So, doctors say the key is water. Other drinks can be diuretics like alcohol and iced tea and can actually make you more dehydrated.

Other risk factors are high protein and high salt diets and sometimes foods high in oxalates.

Bakersfield urologist Albert McBride says: "Oxalates are actually more a significant problem than even calcium. Oxalates are found in spinach, nuts, chocolates, and leafy green vegetables."

A study done on stone formers determined that those who drank 2 quarts of water a day had 80% less kidney stones than their counterparts who did not drink water.