Does Getting A Flu Shot Prevent You From Getting The Flu?

A Tulare County woman has died from the H1N1 flu virus. Health officials say she did not get a flu shot.

According to the Kings County Health Department the 3 people that passed away from the virus also did not get vaccinated.

In Fresno County the health department says they are not sure if the 5 people who died got flu shots, but it looks like they didn't.

More people are getting flu shots. In Fresno County the health department has given 1500 flu shots so far this month.

Health officials say it take 14-days for the vaccine to give you full immunity. So, there is a chance you can get the virus even though you got the shot.

However, if the people who passed away would have been vaccinated it might have made a difference.

"It's always difficult to make a blank statement, but it definitely would have helped," says Joe Prado the Division Manager of Community Health for the Fresno County Department of Health.

You can get a flu shot at your county health department, your doctor's office, a clinic or a pharmacy.