Shooting at Taft High School In Kern County - UPDATED

A shooting took place at Taft High School in Kern County. The suspect was taken into custody.

One teacher and one student were shot. 12-gauge shotgun blast grazed the teacher and hit the student. Both are expected to survive. The student, in critical condition, was flown to a nearby hospital.{}

During a press conference it was reveled that the shooter was a 16-year-old student, and was talked into surrendering by a teacher. The student had at least 2 intended targets and said during dialog with the teacher that he that he didn't want to shoot the teacher; he specifically wanted to shoot certain individuals. The student had not been at class in the morning and showed up half way through class with the gun.

The very morning of the event, teachers and staff had held a meeting to discuss emergency procedures in case of this type of scenario, allowing for swift action as the real thing took place.

Many are now concerned about the shooters history of being suspended from school for having a "hit list", only to be allowed back without parents being notified.

Follow and KMPH News for details as this story continues to unfold.