Shock and Fall: Officers Use Stun Gun on Man on Highway 99 Freeway Sign

CHP officers save a man's life by shocking him with a stun gun.

He was teetering on the edge of a freeway sign threatening to jump on to Highway 99.

The whole thing was caught on camera.

Officers say "shock and fall" was the safest conclusion to this situation, which shut down part of the highway Wednesday morning.

"That was a split second decision that officer made this morning," said Captain David Paris, the Fresno area CHP Commander.

A zap of electricity ended a tense hour on the highway, which began with a man crashing into a UPS truck.

"They found him in the car, grasping the steering wheel...a life holding grip on the steering wheel," said Captain Paris.

He says the man ignored officers, got out of his car and found his way on to the platform at the bottom of a freeway sign, above the highway.

The platform is used by CalTrans workers.

Officers say the man slit both of his wrists, nearly to the bone, and even slashed his own neck.

Paris says shooting him with a stun gun was what saved his life.

Three officers got on to his level and tried talking the man down, but it didn't work.

A witness tells KMPH he heard the man tell officers that he killed his friend and that the body was in his car.

But officers say there was no body.

One of the officers decided to use his taser as the man continued to slash himself with a shard of glass.

He almost missed the air mattress on the ground - firefighters moved it in the nick of time.

But even after he landed, Paris says the man kept fighting.

"It took two officers to actually handcuff him and get him on a gurney," said Captain Paris.

The man remains in the hospital.

As for why he did what he did, officers say, the man was high on drugs.