Shaver Lake Gets Snow But Not The Juicy Storm It Needs

There's a fresh blanket of snow at Shaver Lake Friday but local businesses say it's still not the monster storm they're hoping for. At midday Friday big snowflakes were falling{}on the{}lake.

It's what locals consider a teaser storm because it only delivered inches of fresh powder instead of the preferred foot or two.

"This is kind of the prelude. It's probably right on time for a white Thanksgiving and hopefully we'll get more for Christmas. Norman Kato owns the Coffee and Deli in Shaver Lake. He says when the snow sticks for winter he starts selling more sandwiches, coffee and lattes.

Just after noon Friday the{}CHP began ordering drivers to put chains on their vehicles. That enforcement lasted only a few hours because the snow stopped falling.

Kerissa Guzman lives near the Valley floor and isn't a snow worshiper. "It's too cold...yeah too cold up here. My boyfriend he works over there. He doesn't really like it either. He gets to shovel all his deck and the satellite goes out so it's a pain."

On the main drag in Shaver some business people were making sure walkways and steps were safe for pedestrian traffic. Over at Shaver Lake Village Hotel the chain-saw chiseled bear was wearing a snow mask.

Jane Tweed is optimistic that more visitors will start heading up the hill. "Hopefully it will boost it. The snow brings a lot of snowboarders and skiers. So autumn and spring are kind of our down season so we're hoping the snow really brings some people up."

The snow level Friday was down to 4-thousand feet. By{}Saturday morning the{}KMPH weather team expects snow to fall as low as 25-hundred feet -- low enough to see it from the Valley floor.{}{}{}