Shaver Lake Draws A Stream Of Overnight Visitors

It's the Christmas present the Shaver Lake business community wished for and received. The redwoods are flocked with real snow and its deep enough on the roadways to keep the snow plows moving.

When it snows in Shaver Lake merchants see dollar signs in their eyes. Snow has them smiling at Shaver Lake Vacation Rentals, "We are completely booked. We've been a few days prior to Christmas and we are booked all the way through the 1st and 2nd of January," said Judy Sickora.

The most common visitors to Shaver Lake are from Fresno, Visalia and Hanford. Austin Wright and his family drove from San Diego, "I first came down here with my Dad when{}I was 6 or 7 years old. It was during the summer when we went camping out of Dinky Creek about ten miles from the lake. Since then we've been coming back almost every year either for skiing or camping."

44 miles to the west and down the hill was a sight to see at Bass Lake. The snow was falling at midday and kids couldn't pass up the chance to see how much snow they could catch on their tongues.

Breath taking views of a winter wonderland in our local mountains, are only one to two hours away.

With winter just starting, the State Department of Water Resources has been encouraging news to report about the snow pack. Right now it is 146 percent of normal.