Shaver Lake Business Owners Hoping for Snow; Visitors

The drive up to Shaver Lake is nothing but a clear blue sky and sunny rays.

Keith Davis says the area hasn't been this dry in at least 25 years.

"We have not seen this kind of condition in a long time," Davis says.{}"I can't believe its January ... the end of January."

For Davis and many Shaver Lake business owners, January is a time reserved for busy sky slopes and visitors.

And the lack of flurries is hurting them bad.

"The merchants of Shaver Lake all depend on that. So it's really affected them quit a bit," Davis says.

Davis is the owner of Cressman's.

It's a neighborhood store that's helped visitors make memories since 1906.

But with 70 degree days in January ... Davis says the weather outside ... is frightful.

"It is what it is and we have to make the most of it."

Since he cant fight Mother Nature, Davis is going to fight back by throwing a party.

Following in the footsteps of people in Lake Tahoe, who also found themselves in a dire situation, the Shaver Lake Visitors Bureau is organizing the ancient-style snow dance party on Saturday, January 25th.

"It brings out the best in people{}... everyone loves a party and who knows, if we get enough people up here and we can get everybody to dance and have a good time ... by the time they are leaving, they might need their snow chains to go home."

Despite the lack of snow, Davis says all is not lost.

The serene lake shore still has many activities, like hiking, fishing and boating for visitors to enjoy.