Sharing The Road: Bicyclists, Motorists At Odds In Auberry

A group of neighbors in Auberry want to put the breaks on bicyclists riding in the middle of its main road.

Residents who drive down Auberry Road, right off of Highway 168, just a few miles south of Shaver Lake, say bicyclists are not sharing the road.

Ken Keiscome, a bicyclist who lives near Auberry Road, said that he sees both sides of the argument. But, he said that he doesn't think people should be riding in the middle of this road.

"I don't know how you would feel if you ran into a biker. I wouldn't like it and I don't think anybody would," Keiscome said.

The problem, residents say, isn't with one or two cyclists, it's a problem when large groups of cyclists ride down the road.

"We're slamming on our breaks, the kids are screaming in the back seat; they're are terrified we're going to hit somebody," said Misty Harrison, an Auberry resident.

Auberry residents say the windy roads, the blind corners and the narrow shoulder only add to the difficulty of sharing the road with cyclists.{}

"The problem is if I'm coming around the corner and there's a bike in the way and I have a choice of head on collision with a car, I'm going to take the bike out," Keiscome said.