Visalia Auction For Rumored Sex Film With JFK, RFK and Marilyn Monroe Canceled

Rumors about an affair between President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe have been around for more than 50-years. It turns out evidence that might prove that affair happened was in the Tulare County Sheriff's Office.{}

A Sheriff's Department spokesperson says there was a canister of film with footage rumored to show a three-way with JFK, RFK and Monroe.

The Department spokesperson says the film ended up in the Sheriff's Office because Visalia man William Castleberry owned it. However, the department says Castleberry had to pay a $200,000 fine for selling fake memorabilia.{}

When he couldn't pay the fine, the Sheriff's Department seized his property, including the film. To make sure the fine got paid the Sheriff's Department was going to auction off Castleberry's property.

However, Monday afternoon the Tulare County Sheriff's Department said the auction was off. The Department spokesperson says Castleberry paid his $200,000 fine.

So, where did Castleberry get the money from at the last minute? Also, how did he even get the rumored film?

KMPH Fox 26 News went to his house to find out. No one came to the door and a lady spoke to us from inside the house saying, "I'm sorry we have no comment to give."

The Tulare County Sheriff's Department spokesperson says Castleberry was the person who paid the fine. KMPH Fox 26 News also found out that no one from the department watched the film to see what was on it.