Several Businesses Damaged By Vandals In Oakhurst

People in Oakhurst say someone is damaging their businesses. On Monday several store owners discovered that their signs were destroyed and they say they're fed up.

"I just thought, what happened? Was there wind? Was there a wind storm?," says 'Branches Books' Owner Anne Driscoll, "I just thought there's not a wind storm and there's been a lot stuff going on in our town."

Anne Driscoll says her business is just the latest in Oakhurst to be damaged by vandals. Her wooden sign was one of several, broken and damaged overnight.

"It's so exciting to see your sign hung and then for it to be dangling there all sad, it just kind of makes you annoyed," adds Driscoll.

Businesses all over Oakhurst are taking precautions.

"I don't know anybody who hasn't been affected," says 'Oakhurst Giftworks' Owner Sue Graham.

At Sue Graham's store she's not taking any chances. She's even nailed the benches in front of her store to the ground.

"We have people sleeping on the benches in front of our doors, going through the dumpsters, and taking our garbage," adds Graham.

The owner of "Oakhurst Giftworks" says the big problem is homeless in the area. She says she's had people living on her store's roof and bathing in the parking lot using water hoses.

"It's intimidating," says Graham, "We have a lot of older members in the community and it keeps them from going into places when those people are around."

Both Graham and Driscoll have stepped up security and are hoping that keeps the bad guys away.

"It's just terrible because there are so many people in our community that care and they're working hard to make it better," says Driscoll.

There is a community meeting to discuss the vandalism and break-ins. It is July 8th at the Oakhurst Community Center at 6 p.m.