Service Home For Post 9/11 Vets Opens In Visalia

A first-of-its-kind service home for war veterans in the South Valley{}held its grand opening Saturday in Visalia.

The home will offer an assortment of services for men and women who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.{}{}{}

The service home is a dream come true for retired marine, Clint Nussberger and his wife Leann.

Five years of hard work became a reality.{}{}

"There's nothing like it between Fresno and Bakersfield so to be able to celebrate the end of the beginning of this project is great today," Nussberger said.

The 4,200-square foot home features nine bedrooms and four baths. The granite countertops in the kitchen were installed by volunteer Laith Hadi who came{}to the U.S.{}from Iraq in 1996.{}

"What they have done for us back home that's the least{}I can do for them and{}I really like to help them out because they did a tremendous amount of work out there,"Hadi said.

Jess Ahumada lost his son in Iraq in 2008. Ahumada said the service home represents a new foundation for post 9/11 Veterans.

"If you haven't been in the same stuff as us, you won't know what were going through so other brothers or sisters who've been thru the same stuff will open up to them quicker and easier,"Ahumada said.

Up to 18 veterans can live in the service home.{} It{}will welcome three post 9/11 Veterans on June 1.