Senator Feinstein Meets With Growers In Fresno County

Many of the valley's job woes have been tied to the water crisis, leaving some counties with a close to 40% unemployment rate.

However on Thursday, leaders got a glimmer of hope they would receive help from Capitol Hill, when California Senator Dianne Feinstein made a valley visit.

Senator Feinstein met with a group of about 150 growers, and county leaders at Sunnyside Country Club, where she{}shared a six-step plan{}which she says can bring farmers an additional{}10% water allocation.{}

"We feel we can get an additional 180,000 acre feet which translates into about 10% additional water allocation," Feinstein told KMPH.

The Senator wants to make it clear that she understands the urgency of bringing more water to the valley. "We heard testimony from the young woman who runs the food bank, who said that they have gone up 400% it's doubled every year. So it's a serious situation," Feinstein said.

The Senator also emphasized the need for California voters to pass the $11 billion water bond on the November ballot.{}"No water no jobs. It's that simple. Whether you work in Silicon valley, Ag, Service construction. The state needs water to run and that's just a simple 100% truth,"Feinstein said.