Update: Senate District 16 Election: Vidak With Strong Lead Over Perez

Republican Andy Vidak is leading democrat Leticia Perez following Tuesday's election for the California Senate District 16 seat.

Despite losing Fresno and Kern County, Vidak has a strong lead over Perez.

The California Secretary of State's{}website reports Vidak garnered 39,085 votes (54%) while democrat Leticia Perez{}got 33,252 votes (46%).{} That's with all of the 480 precincts reporting.

Even though those numbers favor Vidak, provisional ballots still need to be counted; that could take days, perhaps even weeks.

In Fresno County, there are 3,700 absentee ballots and 2,000 provisional ballots left to be counted. In Kings County, there are 85 absentee ballots and 100 provisional ballots left to be counted. And in Kern County, there are 1,614 absentee ballots and 720 provisional left to be counted.

Once those ballots are counted, the election will be finalized{}and{}a winner will be declared.

Democrats need the win to protect their super majority status, which allows them to pass tax-related bills.

The District 16 seat covers parts of Fresno, Kern, and Tulare counties, as well as all of Kings County.

During a special primary in May, Vidak had more votes, but he did not have a majority of the vote to win the election.