Selma Parents Cry Racism After Tortillas Thrown on Field

Parents of Selma High students are demanding an apology, after tortillas were thrown on their field by Kingsburg High football fans during last Friday's playoff game.

It's a move, which has parents and students of Selma High claiming racism!

Several parents like Yolanda Torrez were at the game and found the move offensive.

Yolanda Torrez says, "I'm all for fun and stuff, but they've could have done confetti and balloons. I think that was done intentionally to hurt other people and that is wrong."

She was not alone.

Selma High student, Alexis Castellanos says, "It's really wrong because I know most of us are Mexican, but throwing tortillas it's not okay because it really racist."

Kingsburg Joint Union High Superintendent Randy Morris says no one was throwing anything at anyone and it's not racism.

Morris says, "It was a tradition back in the early 1990's, for fans to throw tortillas after Kingsburg scores a touchdown. A student's uncle who played for Kingsburg high, tried to bring it back. But after we discovered Selma High found it offensive, we stopped it."

Tradition or not parents of Selma students want an apology.

The Kingsburg Superintendent also said if the investigation had turned up any form racism, students would have been disciplined.