Selma Officers, County Deputies Attend Funeral For Slain Riverside Policeman

Submitted Photo

Police and sheriff's deputies from local agencies on Thursday joined hundreds of uniformed law enforcement officials from across the state in Riverside to mourn a slain officer.

Two Selma officers and two Fresno County Sheriff's deputies were in attendance for the funeral of officer Michael Crain, a Riverside officer who was gunned down on Feb. 7 while in his patrol car in an alleged revenge rampage by ex-Los Angeles policeman Christopher Dorner.

Crain's flag-draped coffin was carried into Grove Community Church to the sound of bagpipes this morning, officers said.

Dorner's believed to have died in a burning cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains on Tuesday after a shootout that killed a sheriff's deputy. He's also suspected of shooting an Irvine couple.